You deserve to earn from your creative work.


It's never been easier to make money as a creator -- whether you're a blogger, a podcaster, a YouTuber, an Etsy creator, or something else altogether.

But are you making money from work that inspires you?

If not, Patreon might be for you.

Hi! I'm Kate McCulley. I turned my travel blog into a successful Patreon that earns me monthly recurring income.

Now I help other creators do the same thing.


People say you're living the dream. But are you REALLY doing what you love?

Everyone wants to do something cool for a living -- and being a creator is VERY cool.

Whether it's a side hustle or a full-time income, the fact that you've been able to grow an audience who loves your work is a HUGE asset.

Remember when you first got paid for your creative work? Whether it was 19 cents from Google Adsense or your first client ever? Remember how amazing that felt?!

But sometime between then and now, something changed.

Maybe you realized that in order to make decent money on YouTube, you would need to crank out constant low-quality videos in order to feed the algorithm.

Maybe you realized that in order to make decent money blogging, you would be spending hours each day on SEO, constantly battling with other people in your niche for the top spots.

Maybe you realized that in order to make decent money with podcast advertising, you would need to crack the top 100, and your little niche podcast had no chance of getting there.

Maybe you realized that in order to make decent money on Instagram, you would need to hawk sponsored products you would never actually use.

Maybe you feel despondent that the only way to actually earn money is through work you don't enjoy.

But that's not true.

Patreon is my favorite way to earn money as a creative -- because I create the work I love the most, and my fans pay me directly for it.


Earn from Work You Love

Create the kind of work you're passionate about, without worrying about SEO or sponsors, and get paid for it.

Get Regular Recurring Income

Get paid on a monthly or per creation basis, adding a solid, regular income stream to your repertoire.

Be Algorithm-Proof

No worries about Google rankings, social media algorithms, or competitors trying to take you down.

COVID changed everything for creators.

We were always told to diversify our income streams, "just in case." You couldn't just rely on affiliate sales or sponsored content or going viral or ranking in the top 3 on Google or YouTube or Etsy, so we diversified.

Well, here came a disaster none of us could have predicted. It was the living definition of "just in case."

I work in travel, one of the industries hit hardest by COVID. Each day in March, my display advertising income dropped head over heels. Traffic plummeted, affiliate commissions ceased, campaigns were canceled, and suddenly I had lost 90% of my income.

Even if your industry was less affected, like food or DIY, and your income remained steady (or even grew!), COVID was a wake-up call for many creators. You could be prepared for anything and lose your income anyway.

I needed to make money, and I had an audience who loved my writing.

So I started a Patreon full of travel stories as a way to make up for my income loss. 

Did it work? IT WORKED GREAT!

My fans were thrilled to support me on Patreon. All along, I had people who wanted to support me and my work. They became my patrons, my benefactors, my biggest cheerleaders.

I wondered whether it was appropriate to launch a Patreon in a time when the world was facing record unemployment and economic anxiety.

Turns out I didn't have to worry. While many people are struggling, quite a few people haven't been economically impacted at all. In fact, they have MORE money to spend than usual because they're not traveling or going out to eat.

Patreon gave me what I needed: a steady income in the time of COVID.

It can do the same thing for you.

Introducing Earn Like an Artist: Building a Patreon that Pays

Patreon gave me my life and career back -- and I want more people to have the same opportunity.

So I created a course designed to teach creators how to earn money with Patreon.

Patreon is a FANTASTIC way for creators to make extra income, especially in the time of COVID. In some cases, Patreon creators can replace the majority of their lost income.

So why join a course? Why not just do it yourself?

Because Patreon looks easy, but building a high-earning Patreon is a lot harder than it looks.

If you're a creator, you're probably used to people thinking that you have an easy job. Little do they know how much work it really takes, and how long it took you to develop your skills.

It's the same with Patreon. I did extensive research on Patreon before starting my own, and I continued studying different creators, both small and large, both successful and not-so-successful.

And I was shocked at how many experienced creators make CATASTROPHIC mistakes when launching their Patreons.

That's why I started "Earn Like an Artist" -- a Patreon course that teaches you how to build a Patreon that earns you regular recurring long-term income.

What You Get In This Course

This course consists of eight modules, each containing 2-4 lessons, all on creating a high-earning Patreon.

The lessons are given over video and each module concludes with worksheets to help you apply the lessons to your personal situation.

MODULE ONE: INTRODUCTION TO PATREON gives you an overview of the concept of patronage and its history, and the basics of getting started on Patreon.

You will learn:

  • The basics of how Patreon works as a site
  • How to explain the concept of patronage to your fans
  • How to get over your self-doubt as a creator and believe that you deserve to earn from your work
  • The biggest benefits of earning through Patreon
  • PLUS: Examples of 10 brilliant Patreon creators who lean into their strengths to generate income

MODULE TWO: CREATING YOUR CONTENT is dedicated to choosing which content to create on Patreon that serves you and your patrons.

You will learn:

  • How to reconnect with your "why" as a creator and build a Patreon that works for you
  • How to identify the material that will get your fans excited to join your Patreon
  • How to showcase your personality and connect with your patrons
  • How to choose which content to feature on your Patreon
  • PLUS: 30 examples of popular reward ideas for Patreon

MODULE THREE: MAKING MONEY ON PATREON is centered on the financial aspects of earning as a Patreon creator.

You will learn:

  • How much to charge on your Patreon
  • How to estimate how much you'll earn on Patreon
  • How to navigate Patreon's platform fees and pricing options
  • The advantages and disadvantages of earning by monthly subscription or per creation
  • How to run a support model, and the only types of creators who should attempt this
  • PLUS: Detailed financial breakdowns of how subtle price tweaks can earn you significantly more for the same amount of work

MODULE FOUR: CREATING YOUR PATREON PAGE shows you how to set up a Patreon page designed to convert your fans into patrons.

You will learn:

  • How to set up your Patreon page
  • How to write a bio that inspires your fans to join your Patreon
  • How to write tiers that inspire your patrons to sign up -- or upgrade.
  • The subtle page tweaks that will earn you more money and delight your patrons.
  • PLUS: Examples of what to write and what NOT to write for your bio and tiers

MODULE FIVE: ORGANIZING YOUR CONTENT is about creating a long-term strategy for delivering content to your patrons each month.

You will learn:

  • How to create a content strategy that you deliver to your patrons each month 
  • How to choose a "Big Monthly Creation" and supplement it with short-form content
  • How to plan ahead for seasonality, events, and times when life gets busy
  • PLUS: The 10 biggest mistakes Patreon creators make

MODULE SIX: LAUNCHING AND MARKETING YOUR PATREON is designed to get you as many patrons as possible right out the starting gate.

You will learn:

  • Everything you need to do to get your Patreon launched in about four weeks
  • How to create a monthly marketing plan that gains patrons long-term
  • How to target different segments of your fans based on social media platforms
  • How to talk to your fans about Patreon
  • PLUS: A launch timeline and checklist for four weeks before your launch and four weeks after to make sure you get everything done

MODULE SEVEN: MANAGING YOUR PATREON teaches you how to run the day-to-day on your Patreon and keep things running smoothly.

You will learn:

  • How to keep track of your patrons' details and remember details about them
  • How to maintain communication as a Patreon creator with an inner circle
  • How to do a monthly check-in with yourself, evaluate the previous month, and see how next month can go better
  • PLUS: A full, detailed guide to troubleshooting your Patreon with several scenarios of what to do if things go wrong, including what to do if you're not making as much money as you want to.

MODULE EIGHT: GROWING YOUR PATREON LONG-TERM focuses on the part that too many Patreon creators don't prioritize:

You will learn:

  • How to upgrade your Patreon, whether it's a slight refresh or a complete revamp
  • How to do a high-profile push for more patrons and time it to an event
  • How to do a formal relaunch of your Patreon to your fans
  • PLUS: The best way to get existing long-term patrons to upgrade to a higher tier.

Each module comes with worksheets to guide you, and you'll have examples of smart Patreon creators throughout the lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm Kate McCulley and I'm here to help you.

Most people know me as Adventurous Kate -- the girl who quit her job at age 26 to travel the world alone. That was 10 years ago!

For the past decade, I've been earning my full-time living as a self-employed travel blogger, teaching women how to travel solo safely from Colombia to Lebanon to Antarctica.

I'm a writer, first and foremost. I'm a photographer, website builder, and destination marketer. But I'm also a classically trained pianist and singer, amateur embroidery artist, aspiring voice actor, and former theater kid grown up. 

I know what it's like to have creativity constantly shooting out of your fingernails -- to feel like you may die if you don't express yourself.

Being creative is one thing. Growing an audience is another thing. But making money from that audience is something else altogether.

Over the years, I've figured out how to make money from writing the kind of blog I wanted to have -- one filled with creative, fun stories. I couldn't live with myself if I turned my blog into a boring but high-earning directory of travel information.

So over time, I figured out how to write stories that drew people in, and earned consistent high income from it.

I've also worked with creative entrepreneurs as an editor, consultant, and mentor, helping them build smarter businesses that make use of their talents.

I am also an avid consumer of creative content, which is what my inspiration for this course comes from. I miss reading creative posts from my favorite bloggers! It feels like everyone is diluting their work, making it palatable to "the masses" so they can make more money.

I believe that artists should earn what they deserve without compromising their values.

And I believe you have an audience who wants more of your best work.

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